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From Chapter 1 - In love we communicate - not to hate or debate. It is not something that is bargained for or used as a weapon, it is sacred beyond imagination. Love cannot be bought or given for something in return and a sacrifice of love is beyond comprehension. It is everything that man must learn. Once you have learned to love, everything man does becomes easier. Life becomes easier as hate and darkness will be opened up, and rays of light will enter in for all to see.
   Everyone has their job to do in creating love, peace and truth for it connects everything. Scatter it about and the seeds will grow one by one. Then, they'll reach the sky, touching the love that feeds and makes them so high. Every grain of sand and the millions of molecules in your hand contains the love that I speak of, interconnecting with strands of peace and truth which comes from the great Spirit above.
   Listen, please listen to all of your hearts, we are never ever far or apart. So close your eyes and you will see, there is more to life than worry or need. Yes, close your eyes and feel this (the love) and know that the most important gift for you all is from the heart. Within and above the strength is yours, it is deep inside, forever flowing and ebbing just like your tide. The currents of ‘time' only exist in your world, so open your heart to listen and you will find the true ‘gold'. It cannot be made, manufactured or spent. It is all. It is everything. It is Heaven sent.

From Chapter 11 - As you draw open the curtains of your bedroom window, the sun ‘rises'. It shines bringing light into your room and into your life, for a new day there is no more sorrow.  It pierces through the shadows of thy room and pushes open the areas of what cannot be seen or felt, or heard.
   The mist clears on the frosty ‘morn' and it fills all of your hearts with a freshness that some cannot describe, maybe they have hidden and found it too easy to hide. As the light shines in, it is time to open the window before you. Push it open as far as it will go, close your eyes and feel. Feel your heart being filled with life and the beauty. It is all around and within you, and so is the hope and the glory of the stillness and everlasting love.
   A new beginning of the never ending story. Maybe it is the truth of what the individual experiences or maybe it is false. Do you know yourself? Are you still in doubt? Do you read on or put this down to one side or back on someone else's shelf?
   Much has boiled down to the opening up of ‘Self' and the very existence of you, we and of what every living thing 'are'. Now it is time today to explore this further. Perhaps it will even put you into a spin. Not to turn and confuse your sense of direction or dull your mind, but to let you know that the overall ‘destiny' is all one of a kind.
   It is the intermittent place of existence and a much higher plane of vibration and energy. It is a beautiful place to be. A stepping stone for you and for ‘all' and a challenge to further your own future and of a future 'history'. It is called a ‘Heaven' by you and many alike. But how, why, what and when?


Deliverance of Love, Light and Truth
I SEE MYSELF IN YOU - You are all my ‘children', learning to live and learning to become, yearning for love, just to ‘be' and joining the ‘one'. So strive through the thick and the thin for you are loved and watched over through both the good and the so called ‘sin'.
  Be open to the truth, then find yourself once again in the love and light which is the balance and the proof. In the truth the connection is within and above, and there lies all you need for there is no other requirement than to just ‘be'.
  Open your heart and your Soul and you'll find thee, for I am you and you are me. Forever you will belong to the living tree, the tree of life to partake in the food of truth. It is nourishing, forgiving and in living is the proof.
  The love is cast and blown on the wind, for you are ‘all' the seeds that will flourish and begin on the path of light.You will walk and tread into the beyond with no fear and no death. Forever life and life is forever. There is no need to cast new shadows upon the ground because dear ‘children' you're never lost, only ever found.
  So, like the sapling and like the young child, just be aware of your 'life' to grow. For now, simply spread your wings out wide and smile. Prepare to fly beyond your minds perception of both distance and the mile. Let this flow beyond your hearts. Never hide, for no dimension or ‘time' can ever erase the truth and the love that is in your heart, and also those tears which fall upon your face. Amen.

The Lord our teacher

You gather here because of love and the sharing of such, far beyond these four walls. No box can contain or hide what is meant to be opened and free to flow to where it is meant to go.   Hearts are entwined like the ivy that wraps around the tree. The ivy clings to the tree and wants to climb to the top, to reach the light. You too, wish to cling and yet also reach out for the ‘tree of life' is around you and also within you too. The bark of the tree enables you to grip and stay in place, so the light can reflect and radiate from within and from your face.
  Smile, yes that's right. Be happy for you are all from the seed and this can be revealed by an eternal ‘trace'. Time can be so important yet it can mean nothing at all. Thousands of tomorrows, no need to beg, steal or borrow. You are all given what you need  to experience physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Some things are tests; others are for what you can do for your fellow hearts along the way. Balance is the key and your love is the door, to be opened and enable you to search for more.
   Where each of you come from do not worry or concern yourselves, for no matter how different you all appear to be, you are the same, to your ‘Father' and to me. Precious just like flowers, and the drops of the rain bring sustenance and nourishment but not in vain. You'll glow and radiate and spiral around, for love, true love, it knows no bounds.
  You'll also reach out and search both far and wide, over seas and the land and you'll look to the sky. Sometimes there'll be pain and sometimes the joy, the gift of a newborn child is indeed not a toy. With a chance to fulfill and to also instill, find the love from above taking flight like a dove.
   Angels and Archangels in Heaven and on Earth both look and assist both the meek and the mirth. Some are below and some are above, all with their ‘work' from the Lord and our God. To aid and assist you in all that you do, be glad, be safe, for He and I are in you. Go North, South, East and West, just try to do all, with love and your best.


Short excerpt from Chapter 5 - LIGHT

What  if  your  Soul  was  ignited  like  a  spark  from  the Almighty  light?  A Universal power is in everything that can and does exist. From matter to anti-matter, from molecular structures to the very space and time infrastructure that is linked to the Creator, there in lies the infinite love, which emanates from its core. Yes, the Creator's heart can be said to be pure ‘light'.  But how could anyone or anything describe it, for the beauty and love is incomprehensible? And where does this lead us now?
  What  we  move  on now to  say  to  you  regards  the  knowledge  that  has  been accumulated   across   the   Millennium   in   many   segments   of   evolution   and   from dimensions of time and space. However, ‘time' as we have said many times before is only structured in your world the way it is
for the way in that you live.It is not necessary in other worlds to live like you do and also by the hands of a  clock.
   Those  that have opened the  Creators ‘door' have  turned the  key of  light in their own hearts, to find love and peace that for far too long has remained hidden and has now been unlocked. Through tears of hate,darkness and of sin  via your incarnations you must bear it all now to ‘win'. Undergo a previously misunderstood task to now learn and to live the right, to finally accept and understand the Universal ‘CHRIST' light.
  We are going to open your minds a little further now, for across three of your Solar systems lays a hidden Star. It resembles your Earth but remains dark. Its light remains extinguished (as it has so long ago), compared to your planet which is like a  precious jewel.  The  Earth is part of  a  Heavenly Crown of  love  and light that glows and grows and is such a wonderful sight indeed both above and below.
  Why do we mention this? Well with your love that you share and expel you can preserve and polish it and so it can remain forever, a place where you can visit and  where  other  ‘beings'  from  different  galaxies  and  dimensions  can  go.  Only  by understanding that the light can fade can you then comprehend that the previous star is now a deep black and jade. It was once full of similar ‘life' but has now ended forever. It's  lying motionless,  resting  like  the  cold  stillness  of  the  deepest,  darkest  night.
  Please  know that a  hand of  light is outstretched for you to grasp and knows what  it  is  that  prevents  you  from  understanding  yourself.  Do  not  be  afraid  of  what others feel  or  think  or  say  for  it  is  your  life  to  lead,  to  live  and  to  play.  However, please do not be angry or ever shake your fist at those who love you too, but become connected to the strength that sustains you. As the light flows through you and your very core you will then crave and want and wish for so much more.
  True  love  is  infectious  and  as  the  light  is  love  then  the  light  will  grow  and increase in vibration creating peace and harmony in your lives and also for those who are  close  by around  you.  You  can  then  shake  the  hands  of  your friends,  family  or neighbour and know that within them all is the Universal God, your Father / Mother God.  Yes,  each  and  everyone  is  born  as  ‘light'  from  a  source  of  true  love, not  a physical figure by a parent, a husband and a wife.
  Please   know   that   everyone   is   a   child   of   light and   'within' you   is   the responsibility  of  that individual  to  shine  so  bright.  Therefore,  link  your  arms, hearts and minds too and try to comprehend what has really made you and the all and every thing. David, here is a scene, an image for you now to ‘see'. Please try to describe it to thee...





I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart

Short extracts from some of the Lessons.

I know you all, the countless billions upon many worlds and civilizations throughout all time and in all places. No distance, no separation and no amount of time can detract or take any one of you away from me. I am the breath that you inhale and I am your heart that beats and pumps your life's energy in all the bodies that you have possessed in the past, present and if required the future too.

Likewise, you're mental, emotional and physical and astral bodies flow within and from me and travel to me also. Your current journey you call this lifetime is but a click of a finger, and passes through the eons of time almost unnoticed. Some would say and reflect that perhaps it means that they have gone by without achievement or recognition of any kind however I do not mean this.

Imagine for a moment a grain of sand on a beach, minute and almost invisible to the naked eye. This may be true but cup your hands together and you will find millions of grains that flow through your finger tips. Each one is alone but not alone, for together they are whole.

By being ‘together' then much is achieved. Results may not be shown in your physical world but in essence combined hearts with unconditional love achieve great and wonderful things. Some aren't seen or heard but acts of compassion and kindness reverberate beyond physical walls. They cascade like water over rocks wearing away hardened attitudes and stubborn ‘character' to lift and heal many deep within. These are the true achievements that people in society should give back to society.

So, the life that has manifested itself with your karma and inherited action may appear long and fruitful in its bodily cloth that you wear but beauty is, was and always will be a minute part of your Soul's history.

As your physical body becomes tired and worn due to its impermanent state the time will come when it can no longer function. As your Spirit drifts into light, ‘recognition' will befall those who have not believed or remembered that they are all things. Upon their recall of this understanding, the mind will know all that they have ever been. The energy spiralling with coherent intellect and wisdom of many a lifetimes cause and effect will imprint upon the Soul and they will then realize their goal and their true destiny.

I explain this because so many still do not comprehend the light that they are. Earthbound days of work, rest and play fill seemingly your every waking minute and this leaves little time for contemplation, peace and stillness.

The life you have can be a happy one even in the most dire of situations and courses of events that your karma (or of those around you) bring to interact with you. Do not be frightened or live a life of fear. Instead rise above negativity and anguish and therefore instill and share your love and goodwill.


The expression 'opposites attract' is only true of the physical impermanent world in which your embodiment resides at this time.I ask you, do you trust yourself? Do you trust in how you feel and think? Do you know your intuition and those ‘gut' feelings? If you do, then place yourself not only in trust of your ‘self' but also in me, then you have acknowledged the unbreakable bond that connects us all.

  With trust there is no fear. Having no fear brings you peace. In peace you find bliss. In bliss your permanent true self shines like a supernova with magical stardust spiralling and spinning in all directions. These earthly words do not and cannot do justice to such beauty.Opportunities throughout your lives will come and go. I ask you 'all' to grasp those that ring true and resonate within you.

  When tasks are embarked upon in truth, with truth and by truth then nothing is impossible to be achieved. Only the limits that an individual proposes to themselves can prevent the ultimate goal of Ascension being attained. By trusting in all that you truly are, you can reach far beyond the stars. Limits and boundaries are falsely erected by insecurities of an illusionary mind. Push these aside with the love that is you. Trust me to give and help you with what you need and require and not in what you want and desire.

  As I have described on many occasions to you, you do not need to travel far from your home or disappear deep into a forest to discover me. To find me is not difficult for I am already within and outside of you, for I am all things.I am the stars at night shinning light through the darkness, I am every leaf and rock. I am Earth, fire, water and air. I am the wind that brushes against your face. I am the peace and tranquillity you crave. All these I am and in truth, you are too. No separation,or division but oneness in all.

  People's thoughts of doubt and despair still linger both on the Earth plane and on numerous vibration levels of energy. "How can I believe? What proof can you provide for me? Why do you let so many suffer in pain or anguish?" So many hearts ache or break and I see them and I feel them, for I know them all.


In whatever circumstances you find yourselves in, try to be content. I do not mean that you should not strive to achieve your aims and wishes but rather be satisfied with who and what you are in all areas of mind, body and Soul. These seem separate, but yet are whole and each have an important impact and effect upon each other.
   The mind can be a true friend or can lead you up the ‘garden path' to illusion and the confusion that we have discussed many times before. Do you let your senses control you, or do you control your senses? Your thoughts often betray you and disguise the truth that is but a breath or heart beat away. In realising this you can put into place positive processes to quell your sensual desires and of what you ‘think' you want and need. Being positive helps breed greater positive sources of information and guidance to reach those who firstly reach out for themselves. Help and love is there for all if the body, Soul and mind work in unison to truly ‘see' it.

   The body is impermanent and is dying the moment the physical is ‘reborn'. This is why it is important to look after it, for it will aid and help you to achieve so much in your lives. Do not ever think that if your body is not what others call ‘complete' that you're any less a person or in truth a being of light and love in the eyes of my heart. Everyone is whole to me and your history and karma playing out has no bearing in whether you deserve to achieve your goal or not. That said, people can do crazy things for crazy reasons and again, choices that are made at any point in your life, you must be accountable for.
   Reagarding the Soul, a long time ago it was written that those that those who were evil would always be held accountable and that as a punishment, could even lose their ‘Souls memories' as a way of discipline and lesson to be learnt. If I were to say to you I could not do such things, would some think me weak or unable to intervene in any way shape or form? Right now though, you must think about this on a lesser scale.For instance, such as a teacher who controls their pupils with detention or if a parent berates their child for misdemeanours carried out.
   First and foremost, understand that I am ‘pure' love and light and freewill was granted not by any governing power other than that of whom and what you (and I) already are. For this reason, all your reaction to action, your cause to the effect can be nothing more than this.
   So in fact, your Soul shines as bright as a billion suns or instead as a dim light being covered by a blanket of hate and doubt. To remove such impediments simply tug or pull them away as quickly as you can, just as if you were removing a thorn from your foot or finger. Relief from anguish and pain will be instantaneous like morphine had been administered to you. In turn, your life will become free of false desires that bind and hold you within the pretence of embodiment. Your self-realization and your goal ahead will be lit, a shinning glory that you can wear like a crown, majestic and brilliant reflecting within and without all the love you truly behold.
   The ‘goal' as I have stated is always sought ‘within'. First and foremost it is the only way. You will not find it in any other human being, as every embodiment, no matter how loving, how peaceful or beautiful they are, they all have their own karma to balance and life and road to follow.

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Picture Gallery Book 1- Pathway
Picture Gallery Book 2 - Deliverance Of Love, Light and Truth.
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