Book 4 I am I: The In-Dweller of your Heart- (Part II)


I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart  (Part II)



You and I are ‘one’… just like the ‘wave’ which cannot be separated or divided from the ocean called Love. So therefore, what additional proof do you need and where can you find the answers that you seek?

 Understand that these further lessons of Spiritual guidance and education aim to keep your journey of your soul right on track. The carriages of fear, attachment and false desire will be uncoupled from your Divine essence, drifting back into shadow through your own self –realization.  

 Together with an open heart, your life will then illuminate and radiate the message of hope and truth, leaving a legacy of fulfilled wishes, beautiful memories and an eternal echo beyond time and space. From this point of your life you can go full steam ahead, knowing that your love and light lies eternally within God’s heart, and is forever sustained within his name.




This may be the first time that you have set eyes upon this book or, having read part one, you will have become familiar with how and why these words have fallen upon each page. Nonetheless, you read them, because you are being guided to do so.

Please understand that concerning your own Spiritual development, it is now the right time to live and become who and what you truly are. Bear in mind, you are love, you are light, you are everything … all-powerful, brilliant and majestic, and now you can truly move forward, experiencing and displaying your own Divinity. Yes indeed, your own Divine essence for others to sense, feel and share.

Through knowledge and experience, you will gain wisdom. Through wisdom, you can truly shine and resonate with positive thoughts, words, and deeds.

May your continuing journey be full of joy, with hope and dreams fulfilled, knowing that you are truly part of Creation. While learning and remembering with the aid of these lessons, please live and share the life you had always wanted to create, both for yourself and for many others too. 


Extract from Lesson-  ‘Happy Birthday’ – Sai Baba 

As I have said and described before, I am not asking anyone to deny or even accept, under any pressure, ones heritage or culture, other than in what your heart follows. So, let it be true in kindness, in purity, and with compassion.

If you were to celebrate your life in any other way, it could be deemed thoughtless, careless, and even pointless. Moreover, should this be the case, how or will your soul then actually feel? What would your progress and Divinity be worth? Therefore, whatever you are sensing or feeling right now, do not be dismayed or disheartened, for you do not need to be, because …


I am the shoreline and your safe harbor.

I am the firm and smooth ground that you walk upon.

I am the air that you breathe.

I am also the Sun that warms your face.

I am the hope of your change.

I am the faith that burns away doubt.

I am the tears that melt your heart.

I am the attainable dream of bliss.

I am the goal of liberation.

I am your true desire.

Extract from Lesson- ‘CLOUDS’

However, because the mind is fickle and can be feeble and weak, you must always remain strong to deny its trickery of false desire and the fears that it brings. It will cover your clear thinking and feeling, just as the clouds temporarily obscure the Sun (and Son) from your vision.

Throughout your life, these clouds will appear as manifestations of your worries, anxieties, and fears, both in the tasks of your daily lives and in those of friends, family, society, even Nation upon Nation. It is quite apparent that each individual can have a marked effect on whatever ‘clouds’ appear because they can easily be dissipated by love, kindness, faith, and hope, or they can mushroom into ferocious dark storms, thunder cracking and lightening flashing. All are reflections of the emotions ‘within’ which mirror the exterior (the without) and vice verse.

So, within each and every day, the Sun will rise no matter where you reside or lay your head at night. It is constant, just like my love for you. This is, of course, both a physical description and an understanding from within. Because, by withdrawing into one’s ‘self’, deep inside the stillness of your heart, you will comprehend and know the truth and the beauty from the connection of the everlasting light that we all are.


I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart  (Part II).



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