Are you in any pain?

Are you in any pain? 

Hi to one and all.

This week we’ve come across many people who seem to be suffering from a great deal of pain. A relative with a severe and constant chest infection  … a friend who is constantly living and dealing with ‘pain’, another who waits and waits and waits for a kidney stone operation  … indeed, we all know someone or something who is suffering at this present time.  No matter one’s colour of skin or age or sex makes no difference … we can become inflicted. 

Remember, the pain just doesn’t reside on the physical either… there’s emotional, mental and Soul level pain too, but we find that wherever it originates from, it will usually manifest itself upon the physical … oh, our poor bodies!

Well, today’s post explains more about ‘pain’ and asking for God’s help. In addition, serendipity strikes again as a healing prayer just arrived in our inbox – you’ll find it at the end of the post. 

Please, please keep strong in the knowledge God does not let you suffer more than you can bear. Peace.



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So we asked God, “Why do you let so many lives suffer in pain or anguish?”

“Understand I am all things in every place and dimension. Moreover, because I encompass ‘time’, there is nothing I do not ‘feel’ … this is why I sense anguish as readily as your joy. However, when people ask or pray to me, “Dear God, why have you not intervened?” one must comprehend (during times of grief and pain of the heart), that such things are said with or out of anger, hatred and desperation.

Through gaining knowledge and experience -which in turn leads to wisdom – you will find the truth. To find the answers you need, you simply return to where you are from … peace and true love. In practice, one must focus upon who and what you truly are, and then upon what you think and say – because all deeds, thoughts and actions resonate through the ether which can either be positive or negative, resulting in helping, protecting, nurturing and loving, or the complete opposite occurs.

Please appreciate, I am not blind to any heart that aches or breaks, for I bear witness, sense, and live them all.

In reality, you can wash away your ills and concerns in an instant, but you would not learn or grow. Upon a Soul level, mortal man cannot alleviate any karmic imbalance this way, so faith is the power to guide and carry you throughout ‘life’ and its seemingly impossible burdens of work, family and your general wellbeing within society. 

Remember, forget the fear of anyone or anything, and embrace new opportunities which feel right inside you during your life. In difficult times, I will support, carry and help you. So, if you’re in pain (for whatever reason), think of and focus and call upon me, and likewise in your so-called happy times of laughter and joy, I will watch and sense these with you too.

I am the answer to all your questions and queries, and all the missing pieces of your life’s jigsaw, so when you see, feel, and know me, the ‘picture’ will be complete.  Amen.”



May you be healed in body and soul.
May you strengthen your spiritual and physical weaknesses and find inner strength and peace.
May you be granted with the courage and grace to endure the darkness you must bear.
Keep you ever mindful of your spiritual and physical well being in your life.
May you be healed with this almighty gift called HEALING

Inner healing is the victory over your hurts, your wounds, your fears and your worries.


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The long hot summer … and the path to fields of Gold.

The long hot summer … and the path to fields of Gold.

Good morning everyone. 

After several weeks of blistering sun and scorching heatwaves across the UK, we have now experienced some tremendous storms, with brilliant flashes of lightning, deafening claps and cracking of thunder followed by torrential downpours …which has helped to clear the humidity -for a while at least- to  bring a welcome relief for the parched lawns, flowers and trees. 

 Of course, as human beings, our bodies also need to be nourished for without food and water we’d soon perish. But what about our emotions and our minds, and even more importantly the need to quench the thirst of our Souls. 

In today’s post, we get a glimpse of an experience deep within all hearts … whereby the stillness of our inner peace leads us into our own fields of gold to become truly fulfilled.

Have a lovely week ahead. Peace.


See the source image

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“Welcome. Please, sit and rest a while. Hear my voice, and listen carefully to these words. I watch over you all when days are hectic -whether this is due to family, work or home issues. So you may wish for a long, lazy day in the sun. However, to recharge the ‘batteries’ is not so much about the physical rest you require, but often more about the time you need to ease the restless mind. In turn, this rest brings balance and provides a constant boost to your health and happiness, no matter what the weather outside your door.

To help you, look to the truth through your mind’s eye. Here, your consciousness blends with my light and guides your gaze towards the horizon. The fields, nestled between the hills and valleys appear to interconnect like a patchwork quilt. And, with the sun shining overhead, the summer haze makes it difficult to distinguish those fields which are ploughed from those which are coming into harvest.

The days and weeks and months of your life are similar; they are times when you either sow or reap. In fact, you can be riding the crest of a wave at one moment, and the next moment it all seems like hard work. Your negative ‘karma’ resembles clods of soil, weighing you down on your continued journey … along the treadmill of experience and knowledge.

However, one day, you will all bear witness to the real fields of gold. These do not contain materialistic rewards or anything else to fuel yearning or to inflate the ego. Such things only bring frustration and anger and fear. No, you’ll pass right through them, and start to feel you are walking – or rather floating – on the air.

Mankind will always seek answers to the how, why and when of things. Only by turning back to basics will he appreciate that simplicity is the key to true knowledge and wisdom. Love is everything, everything is love, and love is all there is. Without it, life would crumble; turn to ash, dissipate and disappear. Therefore, it is the very fabric of which you and I are made. One may think of it as energy, pure and just, unconditional and limitless.

By believing and knowing you are divine, your self-realization will draw you ever nearer to me. My grace is abundant for you all. It is endless. The minute this is understood, contentment and peace will reign both inside and outside your heart. Let go of trepidation and fear. Each day, believe you will receive exactly what you need in every moment. Please, have confidence in everything you do; this proves you not only place your trust in me but in yourself also. Amen.”


PS.  Those fields of gold may appear far away, fading into the horizon, but the inner glow will enable you to reap your own eternal harvest which will never fade or die.

PPS  Why not just close your eyes and listen  … here’s Eva Cassidy – Fields of Gold 


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Stop fretting about the past and the passing of time … only now counts!

Stop fretting about the past and the passing of time … only now counts!

Hello to one and all!

Someone recently mentioned their hectic lifestyle … and that there were not enough hours in the day to achieve what they had to do. This angst and anxiety -if not checked- can bring stress and dis-ease to the welfare of the body, Soul and mind.

There is a saying … if you believe that what you’re concerned about will still be important when you’re 75, then continue to fret … if not, just stop because you might not make 75!

So, today’s post is a short reminder that sometimes you just have to take a step back, away from what you imagine the world dictates of you and simply go with the flow. Why not just concentrate on today … for tomorrow will take care of itself. And now take a big breath.   


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“Please live in the moment … this is how everyone should spend their days. Understand too that your emotions are the key to unlocking ‘time’ itself, because how you feel inside you’re heart can transcend age, distance, space and every dimension. 

Remember, it is time which seems to divide and not guide you. Hence, when in the grip of pain, and what may feel like you are being crushed and broken, for some, the seconds, minutes, hours and the days, will not seem to become the healer they can be. Only by detaching yourself from the luminous clock face, which attempts to wrap your heart, freezing you into the depths of the night, can the ‘unreal’ finally develop into reality.

In fact, when you truly go with the flow, and by truly living your ‘today’, the connection to me – and to all light-, can be more apparent than a full moon in a cloudless sky, or the brilliant sun which rises upon a beautiful summer morning. Indeed, as you see and sense these aspects of creation, you appreciate and have full faith that they exist, so how can I be any different?

Comprehend love is ‘one’ and is everything, so do not let ‘time’ become a factor in any way, shape or form which comes between you and me, and of course, the truth inside your heart. Amen.”


PS.   Forget yesterday (which you cannot change) … it’s today that counts.
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Why We Love A Leap Of Faith (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love A Leap Of Faith (And You Should, Too!)

Good morning everyone.

The question of Faith regularly comes to the fore in our ever-changing world and lives. And, because no one knows what today or tomorrow will bring to our door, we must all start to trust in our own divinity to be able to move forward in joy and peace. In essence, if we can let go of our doubts and fears and simply allow for our highest good to manifest itself, then we actually allow God’s love and guidance to permeate (and allow it to work through) our hearts and minds and Souls exactly as and when it should.

  Enjoy the wisdom below, which brings love and light and a greater reassurance to us all.

       Have a fab week.    AscensionForYou


 Photo credit: symphony of love on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC



“When you believe in me you will believe in yourself … because true faith is magnificent and powerful and beautiful and amazing. In addition, most will remember the saying that ‘Faith can move mountains’, but this truth lies buried inside many hearts throughout the centuries and eons of time.

Therefore, my message from this day forth is for you to dig deep into your spiritual core, to grasp and behold this golden nugget. Keep its truth and power close to you each minute of every day. It will never let you down, for as you search and pray and through your actions, words and deeds of love, I will polish and smooth the rough edges of your Soul’s experiences.

So … please have faith in me. Never doubt me, for I do not place doubt in you. My strength will be your strength. My love is your love. My light is your light. Realise you will shine eternally within me, and your divinity shall remain forever. Show all whom you meet the truth within you, and become a guiding hand to those who doubt or fear, and live without faith … even in themselves.

For those who are still unsure, I request a leap of faith that does not require a risk to your health (or those of your loved-ones) or in fact anything at all to do with your well-being. How can this be? Well, the task or process which manifests itself is only an illusion, which appears to create a space between ‘us’. This is unreal because my love for you is an eternal bridge, which cannot ever crumble. Please seek me by taking just one small step upon it; in the knowledge, I will carry you forever into everlasting bliss. Amen.”


PS.  Remember, please try to deconstruct the barriers of our minds and ego… 
that we ourselves have created.   
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God’s presence is felt in silence … away from our monkey minds.

God’s presence is felt in silence … away from our monkey minds

Hello to all seekers of truth. 

Last week we shared a journey of the heart which we trust you enjoyed. We also spoke about quieting the mind in the hope you’ll experience and receive the wisdom that your Soul requires -while you tread your own path in life.

 In order to understand the guidance which is sent to us from and through God’s love … we just need to find time to be still, away from illusion and confusion of our monkey mind.  

Hava God bless and peace to all.    AscensionForYou

Women, Mono, Holiday, Sunglasses, Silent, Pit, Silence

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Remember, these ‘bodies’ past and present, are no more than a ripple upon the waters of human emotion -which I send to change oneself, your communities and society around the world. By accepting our connection inside thyself, my breath -which is the very air you inhale and exhale – will enable you to refocus on the ‘Sai-lense’. (This refers both to silence and to Sai Baba of India, who will forever be known as the Avatar of this age). Then, your love will become magnified beyond all recognition.

Through your continued journey, you will realize peace and stillness has many additional purposes. For example, it enables one to withdraw from the impermanent world in which you currently reside. Another is the opportunity to connect with the frequency of your inner thoughts, and not the constant barrage of the lower -monkey- mind, which links so tirelessly to your senses, and attempts to bind you with the gratification of unrefined energy and vibrations, to and from the body.

Within truth, there are peace, bliss and everlasting joy, so this can be related to your real or higher ‘self’. You may also know this as the Soul or Atma, two words to name but a few. You do not need to travel to far away destinations and cross deserts or seas to acknowledge this, for I am in all places.

Together we are one, so please discover me through your heart’s stillness. Then, the clarity of true vision, alongside the elements of the sky (ether), air, fire, water and earth, will all manifest more easily within and out. I stated before, everything you say and think and do is the choice(s) through your own desires, but I will never tire of guiding, helping, encouraging, and protecting you in your life.

Even in your darkest hour, I am with you, so you are never alone. Though you often view your experiences as a hindrance, try to live your days in the knowledge that I bless you with my grace and my love to help you. Overall, silence can be your new beginning, but it will never be your end! Amen.”


PS.  Remember, the answers you seek come from your own ‘inquiry’.   
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Come and take a walk with me … to a little piece of Heaven.

Come and take a walk with me … to a little piece of Heaven.

Good morning everyone. 

If one’s days become difficult, painful or even unbearable, many will state our human experiences can feel like hell on Earth. In contrast, those who are able to elevate worry, stress and fear from their minds (for example through meditation or the togetherness of loved ones), or simply gaze upon Creation, may say they feel closer to God. 

So, whether snow-capped mountains, sunlight reflecting upon the sea, rainbows, a blanket of stars on a warm summer evening, or beautiful things like flower or butterfly bring you nearer to the truth (of you), who can say.  What we do know is that when you become ‘still’, the pathway to love and light increases substantially.

To highlight this, we share one such journey from Leave the Body Behind.

Have a brilliant week with all the sunshine and blue skies. Peace to all.    AscensionForYou

Come take a walk into a little piece of Heaven

 Photo credit: Artistic-touches on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

“The rays of the Sun now rise high above the horizon. In the warmth -which encompasses your being- a golden path glows and shimmers like a heat haze. It rests in front of you. Acknowledge the reality deep inside your Soul, and understand that I am no theatrical wizard, and this is no make-believe yellow brick road.

Stand and take your first step on it, like an innocent child, without caution or trepidation. Why should one fear, when you comprehend I am so very near? The mind’s hold shall evaporate, for when you embark on the way of truth, the journey becomes effortless. So, you imagine you walk, while your feet glide along. The internal and external energies increase your resonance; to elevate you above those denser, lower vibrations, which only try to impose and contain your heart through the senses of the body.

Further away, the gold turns to brilliant white … intense and all-pervading. Strangely though, you can see the vision, as the body and mind and Soul now work in unison. As such, you can bear witness to the true splendour and magnificence of life. You shall have new insights into who and what you are, and why you are ‘light’.

At the brow of a hill, you hesitate, for below lies a meadow of immense beauty. Words are not enough to convey its Divine essence and glory. An eagerness to visit this paradise of tranquillity flows through you. The vivid colours captivate and transfix your thoughts, and reignite the goal and purpose of your existence.

Your arrival was expected all along. No shoes are required, as your bare feet cross emerald grass – softer than silk. As you inhale my breath of light, your lungs fill with clean air, which intoxicates you with its purity. Feeling light-headed, you sit down, to pause and reflect in stillness.

The flowers beside you all weave and dance, to the merry tune of my heartbeat. Shades of red and yellow and purple and blue… in fact, more culminations of every colour imaginable … shine in each direction. Some appear to grow differently and look crystallised in appearance because they are those tears of joy, which mature and flourish within my kingdom, shed from eyes and hearts … through love.

These droplets of emotion are precious, and cannot be removed or valued as possessions on the impermanent planes of Creation. No, they illuminate eternally through every dimension; and their energy radiates like galactic spirals of fulfilled hopes and wishes into infinity. Therefore, they bloom, not from fertile soil, but from connections between one heart and another: – perhaps a first kiss, the birth of a child, cradling a beloved animal, or by embracing a family member or friend. All are perpetual, and continually create the field of dreams.

Closing your eyes, you start to hear a faint trickle of nearby running water. Over to the right, its sound magnifies, as the serenity begins to wash over you. Walking towards the soothing ripples, your hands carefully guide those prized moments of ‘joy’ to one side, mindful not to part the tears shed from many hearts.

A gentle stream, both pure and clear, reveals itself. Now, as you view from the bank, small rainbow fish swim effortlessly along the currents of water and time. They are destined to reach the same source of light in me, knowing, believing, and, instinctively continuing the journey home.

New sensations suddenly cascade over you, arriving in the glorious birdsong from nearby trees and bushes. On a hanging branch, suspended by my love over the water, sits a Kingfisher. Elegant and beautiful, the bird’s majestic brilliance entrances you. Its colored glow resonates with an aura of white and gold, symbolic of the ‘Son’, who waits for the attention of unsure hearts and minds. Happy to shine, and lead you as a King, he is a fisher of all mankind. Only the Soul can decide whether to follow, in this lifetime or maybe the next.

Though captivated and enthralled by these sights and sounds, you must continue onwards. Perhaps you’ll move forward over a small bridge, to cut across troubled waters of your own emotions. Or, by taking the stepping stones which lay before you, ease those past and present burdens. This alternative route requires more effort on your part. Each stone represents a leap of faith, enabling you to trust both you and me. By retaining belief, you’ll understand the untold strength and power you possess.

The karmic imbalance will turn to right action, which brings new focus and purpose and meaning into your life. Thereby, truth – along with perseverance and fortitude – will bloom with the sweet fragrance of love, to be shared with all you meet. Pastures new beckon you, and pull on your heart strings … to embrace the challenge of embodiment and guide you for all eternity.

High in the light blue sky, a golden eagle appears; motionless, it floats in the ether. Know it is I, watching over your decisions, motives, actions, thoughts, and words. I am no ‘spy in the sky’, but constantly seek to help and protect you. I promise to swoop and defend you against the predators of both inner and outer demons. Together, we will find it easier to crush the ego and any selfish traits. So, treat criticism and praise with impartiality and equanimity. Remember; do not fear for I am near.

The Sun is about to set. You look around for the enduring path of light, to return to whence you came. However, consider this; you are already home, and will always come back to self. Try to comprehend too, the warmth which seems to disappear over the horizon is but a mirage, because love is forever constant, not dictated by distance or by any earthly time zones.

So, whatever you perceive around you, always live by your own heartfelt truth. In all you think and say and do … if it is of right conduct, with peace and love, no one can ask any more of youAmen.


PS. Quiet the mind, and in the stillness … experience your own Paradise. 
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It’s true … God does not make mistakes!

It’s true … God does not make mistakes!

Hello to all aspirants of Love and Truth.

Many of us have concerns over why certain things or events happen to us in our lives. Whether it’s emotional, mental or physical pain we go through or perhaps a form of loss- for example, money, health, job, a  bereavement or in fact, any so-called ‘good or bad’ event …  it becomes easy to think, shout or even scream out, “Why God, why?”  

Some will also state that unless a person has experienced the exact same thing, how can they comment or even understand their thoughts, feelings or actions? This may well be true, but one who does is God … because he/she knows EXACTLY what our Souls need to grow or balance karma, and most important of all, what we can do to support and help each other while on the Earth plane.

So, we must trust everything is as it should be and keep the faith (not only in the Creator, the source, the divine), but also in ourselves … for we are all his/her children and sparks of divinity too.

Enjoy this short post, in the knowledge that you really do not have to worry about the how or what or why or when of things because God’s Grace will always help you. Peace to all.    AscensionForYou

It's true ... God doesn't make mistakes

 Photo credit:  bluebirdsandteapots on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Please realize, when you place your trust in me, there is no fear. Living without fear brings you peace. Within peace, you find bliss, and in this state of being, your true ‘self’ shines like a supernova, with magical stardust spiraling and spinning in all directions. 

Therefore, by trusting in all you truly are, you can reach far beyond what you can or cannot see. Dismiss those false limitations and boundaries, erected only by the insecurities of an illusionary mind. Push these aside with your love, to trust me to give and help you with what you need and require, not in what you think you want and desire.


I accept your strength and your weaknesses.

I accept your kindness and your devotion.

I accept your pathways, which each one of you takes,

And I accept your Love and Light too.


Remember … though you often view your experiences as a hindrance, try to live your days in the knowledge that I bless you with my grace and my love to help you. Amen.


PS.  God doesn’t make mistakes -how could he/she? We know this because he created the beautiful ‘you’. You are perfect – just the way you are … you just have to believe it. 
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Do you control your senses … or do they control you? (Here are some top tips for a more peaceful life!)

Do you control your senses … or do they control you? Here are some top tips for a more peaceful life!)

Good morning everyone.

The expression, ‘The heart doesn’t want what the eyes cannot see’ is certainly true … no matter what your age, sex or colour of skin. And, while we all live on this Earth, how can we cope when our senses are bombarded with Social media, Tell-lie-vision, through the radio or newspapers?

In fact, if not kept in check, what we perceive through sight, touch, taste, hearing or smell can ignite constant inner and outer gravings – which only help to create further attachments while living in our mortal coils.  Today’s post may just provide you with a chink of light – to help you find a little peace … and stop sweating over the small stuff in your life. 

  We hope you have a fun and lovely week ahead.   AscensionForYou

 Photo credit: robysaltori on Visual Hunt /CC BY-NC

“Please understand … human beings in vast numbers believe their eyes are open, yet they remain blind, as invisible eyelids cloud the vision of their hearts. This binds them with confusion and delusion, but through and from love – all will change. 

Appreciate, one’s mind should not dictate to the heart, but it will try to impose its will through your senses nonetheless. Therefore, the key is to find a balance, and by making it less reactive to your feelings, you are able to become more aware of your Soul of what is important in your life.

So, do not let the senses of the body dull your goal and the one true aim of eternal bliss, for my embrace and kiss of peace and tranquillity is beyond comprehension. Simply search inside the ‘I’ of truth, and without hesitation find me in every leaf, rock, and within all things. Remember, I am the core, the ‘In-Dweller’ of your heart, and by my grace, I will help you to attain true insight.

Here’s the truth: the earlier you begin to awaken in this lifetime and body, then the easier it is to reach self-realization. I give you the ability to understand this, and if the senses are sharp, you will focus upon the goal in question. Amen.


PS. Your senses can assist you but do not become a slave to them. In turn …you free your mind. 
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How Mother Earth and Nature can relieve stress and lift your heart too.

How Mother Earth and Nature can relieve stress and lift up your heart too.

Hello to one and all.

Many people appear to live with much worry in their lives, and whether its health,  financial, family or work concerns which come to the fore, each and every one of us has to learn how to cope with an increase in stress levels. 

Some find it easier than others to combat this often self-inflicted disease (dis-ease), perhaps through meditation or even taking up a hobby to elevate the pressure of ‘life’. Well, today’s post is a short reminder how Mother  Earth and Nature can be the best antidote relieve stress and lift up your heart too.

  God bless and have a fab week.   AscensionForYou


Photo credits: Rusty Ross and Rob Surreal at Visualhunt.


“When you reconnect with Mother Earth and Nature, those negative feelings and actions of your daily lives – which brought those tresses and strains to influence ones’ mind – can all disappear. Realise that if you walk through a meadow, the woods or a great forest and want the truth and spiritual guidance, you will surely sense the differences inside you – though some quite subtle- which indicate a different -and more refined- frequency and resonance of energy.

Please understand, this energy shall spiral through the chakras of your mental, emotional and physical body, which radiates through to your higher self. These in turn filter though the ether, to where my love flows like water over rock, cleansing and clearing the murky depths of your consciousness. Here you sense and experience ‘me’ as free as a bird – floating upon the thermals in the sky- to fly with ease across the Earth-plane or beyond time and all dimensions.  

So, please try to take time out of your busy life … refocus your senses upon the birds and bees, the animals in the fields, the beautiful flowers and trees … perhaps a lake, a river or the sea. Gaze upon the hills, valleys, and mountains and bear witness to all of Creation that forms part of you and me – and this will uplift your heart. Amen.


PS. Take time out for yourself … cloud watch … fill your lungs with fresh air … walk along the beach … sit by a river, and simply ‘be’. 
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So, do you really know what love is?

So, do you really know what love is?

Good morning to all aspirants of love and light. 

Throughout the ages, mankind has sought the answer to the burning question, ‘What is love?’  The answer should be simple, yet our emotions can become bound with desire or lust, which can often confuse the mind and moreover, the heart.

People also talk about being ‘in-love’ rather than ‘love’ itself. Others want to know how true love feels and even believe they can only find love in a secret place,  with a particular person or pet, or perhaps upon a different dimension or in Heaven.

  The bereaved -and those who feel lost or lonely – may become blinded by the pain of separation, but one day may say they can define it. 

In today’s post, the short passage below may give us food for thought. 

 PEACE!   AscensionForYou


Photo credits:  Visualhunt.


“You are all entwined and connected like threads, woven together to form the truth, and without the structure of love, you would cease to exist as you do as Soul, body, and mind. Like a jumper without a hole for your head, a necklace with a missing link, and a plane with only one wing, nothing would function and be a worthwhile expression of Creation. However, because you are Divine, no matter what color, shape, size, or even if you imagine you’re incomplete or different, in reality, you are – and always will be -forever ‘whole’.   

Remember, love knows no bounds and is expressed through compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and peace. Whether you hold a hand, share a kiss,  or lift another’s heart with a smile or a wave … the energy transmutes and alleviates anger and pain. From this day forward, know your thoughts can bring a fresh beginning, and like wearing new shoes, may they shine with every step you take, so your heart can welcome the enlightened path of truth you now walk upon.

So, the power of love is a Universal beacon, one of joy, hope and of faith in me, and the same resides within you too. Its beauty is beyond compare, and though humankind’s intellect cannot grasp this yet … I am still your guiding hand of light, which will help you realize your ‘higher’ self, the reality of you and me -the ‘one’ Amen.”


PS. Here’s a wonderful video, a little reminder if it’s ever required…  Alzheimer / True Love
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