How to unlock the wisdom within you…

People often worry that they struggle to sense (or even experience) the love and their connection to the Divine.

One must understand that you do not need to travel across the world, seek a guru in a secluded mountain cave or discover some secret ‘secret’ buried deep into the earth.

No, it’s much simpler than that … and today’s post explains why.

In your hectic life, try to make time to discover your true nature, even for just a few minutes a day. And, even if this is not possible, who can fail to see and experience the beauty of the world around them, which is a connection to all Creation and the Creator itself. Keep strong and have a peaceful week ahead.

 How to unlock the wisdom within you…

To unlock true wisdom, all you need to do is to be ‘still’, and then you will sense and find me ‘within’. From this, the realisation of your self will materialize … and once known, you will feel, know and understand the truth. You will remember and understand that multiple dimensions of light and energy which enable all life to exist are not separate, beyond, above or below you … but that they are in the ‘same’ place and time.

As such, there is no limit to what is inside you or of your experiences either. The limitation only happens because your mind tricks you to believe otherwise. Therefore, one can think of Heaven as a mysterious, special place to go to for growth and wisdom of the soul … or, it can simply be felt right now, precisely where you reside.

While one possesses the ability to manifest your hopes or dreams, you must first surrender and stop the belief that it is only ‘you’, which can or does achieve the desired outcome. With this knowledge, denial of the true power and love within you really state that you are only denying yourself … and me. So, you need to lose the attachment of your own false limitations, and this way you will become stronger and more positive, displaying true attributes and worthiness to be called a Human being. Amen.

PS. Remember, only in stillness will you come to know and experience the truth of you.

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