Ssshhh, here’s a secret … you must simply ‘be’.


With our somewhat chaotic lifestyles and busy schedules, it can become difficult to observe the world and beauty around us … or even find the peace within. 

Feelings of being trapped, pressured or stressed take us away from our true nature and essence of joy and peace and love. We must understand that we are free in every sense of the word, and God wants us to express, sense and experience his/her splendour in every form.
Isn’t it time (to take the time) to refocus upon the inner joy of ‘you’?Keep your heart open and have a great week ahead.

Ssshhh,here’s a secret ... you must simply ‘be’

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Please understand, my love washes over you all, but many do not sense or become ‘still’ in order to appreciate and grow within it. 

Therefore, try to place your earthly existence on pause, and let light and truth rain in. This will cleanse any doubts, fears and misapprehensions occurring during your day, so do not concern yourself with minor ills, or worries, for these, are trivial when all is said and done.

Realize you are all free to choose who and what you can become. Nothing has the ability to alter this. So search ‘within’ yourself and find the Heaven you seek, because inside your heart is where paradise and unconditional love exists and emanates from all things. Live in me to find me, and all your heartache, problems, and stresses will disappear from a troubled mind. Amen.”

PS. Remember, during times of contemplation you can reflect and clear out those negative thoughts -which inhibit clarity – and this will soon bring you peace.

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