Stepping stone across doubt and fear

The stepping-stones across the waters of doubt and fear.

Hello everyone…

As we make our way through this life, we often wonder what the next week, month and year will bring. Occasionally, we might even think about what happens to us after we pass from this mortal coil.

However, such uncertainty regarding one’s destiny -and the thought of leaving loved ones ‘behind’- can be truly detrimental to our wellbeing.

In light of this, today’s post reminds us that trust and faith and keeping confidence in God’s will can be the stepping stone across the waters of our own doubts and fears!

Have a peaceful week ahead. 

The stepping-stones across the waters of doubt and fear.

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Many people wonder where their minds, hearts and Souls will eventually reside and if they are immortal. Well, as I stated on many occasions before, the answer begins to become apparent only when one loses their immorality – to become a true being of human values, radiating kindness, compassion, love, forgiveness, and truth. Comprehend these are the stepping-stones across the waters of doubt and fear, which guide you to my heart forevermore.

Therefore, to cut across the troubled ‘ocean of your emotions’, one only has to take the steps which lay before you, for these will ease both past and present burdens. This requires more effort upon your part though, for each one is a leap of faith, enabling you not only to trust yourself but also me. If you have the belief, then you’ll understand the untold strength and power inherent within you.

Appreciate that the immortality of the Soul is the reality … and it is through the recognition and understanding of such which leads you towards the goal of self-realization. In addition … love flows from, through and to all ‘life’, and cannot be destroyed by time, distance or any dimension. As this is so, you are the same too and are already immortal inside my heart, and forever sustained within my name. Amen.”

PS. Remember, when you observe and live to the truth in your heart – with trust, faith, perseverance and fortitude – you can start to walk the path of your own reality once more.

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