SSS- 6 Sentence Sunday Post for 16-01-2011

Author / Publisher

David has participated and helped to conducted Spiritual Development and healing circles for nearly 25 years. Through inner-dictation, dream interpretation, meditation, mindfulness, pre-cognition and healing, the books he co-writes with 'Spirit' provide you with the foundation to discover your own path of truth. With a renewed sense of purpose, the Spiritual guidance and education you receive can help you reach the goal of self-realization and bliss within the permanence of love and light. David is tee-total and a vegetarian who loves sunshine, nature, animals and his wife!

Over the eons of time my love has manifested itself within physical embodiment, some of which have been called an Avatar. Each appearance has been to reignite the flames within you to illuminate more brightly through the word and action of truth. Not all will sense these bodily incarnations as a reflection of me, but no matter, my concern is that every one of you can be a witness to the scales of truth and wisdom.
Know that these bodies past and present have been no more than a ripple upon the waters of human emotion which I send for humankind to change oneself, your communities and society around the world.
By connecting not on the ‘exterior’ but within thyself, my breath which is the very air that you inhale and exhale will enable you to refocus on the ‘Sai-lense. (This is a reference to silence and to Sai Baba of India who is an Avatar of this age). Then, your love becomes magnified beyond all recognition.