Read an E-Book week March 4-10 FREE E BOOK for you – Pathway 2nd Edition

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David has participated and helped to conducted Spiritual Development and healing circles for nearly 25 years. Through inner-dictation, dream interpretation, meditation, mindfulness, pre-cognition and healing, the books he co-writes with 'Spirit' provide you with the foundation to discover your own path of truth. With a renewed sense of purpose, the Spiritual guidance and education you receive can help you reach the goal of self-realization and bliss within the permanence of love and light. David is tee-total and a vegetarian who loves sunshine, nature, animals and his wife!

Hi everyone, to mark the Smashwords read an E-Book week which runs from March 4th to March 10th inclusive  I am offering Pathway 2nd Edition- Channeled Love and Wisdom.



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Hope you’ll enjoy my e-book giveaway, God Bless. Dave AscensionForYou